Actually much, much bigger than you realizeGood grief. Living in this tiny country has completely destroyed my sense of distance and proportion. I was just talking to the Snook about that Harry Potter thing I mentioned below and I asked him how far this place was from Sydney. I mean, look at the map. The amusement park is supposed to be 45 minutes south of Brisbane. That’s only, like, half a state away. But guess how long it takes to get there? Fourteen hours. Seriously. I mean, you can drive the entire length of Britain in that amount of time! I’m just having trouble grasping the fact that Australia is pretty much the same size as the U.S. (if you lop off Alaska, which is over half a million square miles). The problem is that it’s divided into so few states. Looking at a map with those lines shrinks it in my head. It’s so weird, you know?


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  1. tell me about it. when i moved to the PacNW after living (well, driving at any rate) in New England for so long, i thought driving three hours to see Mt. St. Helens was an eternity. i mean, you could get to Boston from NYC in that time!

    years pass, and then i barely bat an eyelash at driving 13 hours to see friends in NorCal for thanksgiving! admittedly, one of those “friends” will be my husband in nine days.

    oh, i’m sorry, i meant NINE DAYS!!

  2. Dude, you just can’t not bring it up, can you?

    Awww, I’m just jealous. Bring it up all you want. 🙂

  3. that comment was decidedly more panic-y than braggy. oy vey, my blood pressure!!

  4. heck, you could cross several european countries in 14 hours! i reckon you could get from london in to france and through belgium, lichenstein and on to germany in time for a few swift pints and a sausage supper before bed.

  5. sorry for the horrible spelling…it should have been “Liechtenstein”

  6. Hmm… Well, three hours on the Eurostar to Paris, and then you hit those lovely European highways with no speed limits… I reckon you could probably be to Eastern Europe in 14 hours! 🙂

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