Brigita admits to some apprehension regarding the musical Buffy and goes on to reveal her issues with the entire “musical” form. I just left her a massive comment trying to defend the genre. I know there are others with strong feelings on the subject too. What do you think? Do you have problems with people “bursting into song”?


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  1. Massive comment is an understatement, heh

    Anon go= Buffy funny, Music Bad. Ugh

    I love Doris Day, whatcha think my stance on musicals is? I

  2. i readily admit that i am wilfully indulging myself in ignorance by not exploring the medium further, but it’s so hard to break out of this rut.

    i forgot to mention that i also saw Cats in London. with the family. at sixteen, this time.

    lather, rinse, repeat. 😉

  3. K, so I’ve read the spoilers for the musical episode and all I can say is “WOW” I don’t care how bad the singing and dancing it, this is going to be a MoFo of an episode. Ooo, tingly feeling again. I need an intervention

  4. Ooh! Spoilers? Where spoilers? Spoilers I haven’t seen? Please share! 🙂

  5. did somebody say spoilers? 😉

  6. Spoiler whores 😉

    C’mon, read that and tell me you’re not looking forward to it?

  7. Whoops, now I’ve gone and stretched out your comments table. Bad Anon

  8. nooooooooooooo! my eyes! my eyes!

  9. Calm yourselves, girls! I fixed it. 🙂

    HTML is allowed, for the most part. Links anyway.

  10. actually the “my eyes!” bit was from reading the spoiler. but it’s pretty funny in the other context as well. 😉

  11. I loooooooove musicals. Always have. Annie, Willie Wonka, Mary Poppins, Cats, Starlight Express, Les Mis, the list just goes on. What’s wrong with bursting into song? 🙂

  12. Ooh, I saw Starlight Express a year ago and I didn’t like it that much. It’s about twenty years too old, I think. It reminded me of the the Disneyland Main Street Electrical Parade combined with roller derby and bad synthesized music. Oh, and trains. 🙂

  13. Starlight Express was da bomb when I was wittle. I was always an odd child. Nothing gets me all happy like Miss Saigon. Love that musical.

    Well, if you excuse me I think I’ll go pop My Fair Lady in the vcr and go all giggly 🙂

  14. Hey, whatever floats your boat. I’m a fan of My Fair Lady. I’ve been wanting to see the new version in London with Jonathan Pryce and Martine McClutcheon.

    I just realized how ridiculous it is for me to decry populist musicals when my CD collection includes so many Disney sountracks. *sigh*

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