Cathleen lists the Top Ten Reasons to Live in London. Unfortunately I have no idea where “Bradley’s” is or what “The Dogs” and “Urban Farms” are. And I’ve been living here for two years! I’m the worst Londoner ever. My own personal list would probably be:

  1. Ain’t Nothin’ But the Blues Bar (any night that the Voodoo Vendors are playing)
  2. Greasy full English breakfasts on hungover Sundays
  3. The Thames at night
  4. The Serpentine in Hyde Park (especially the bench on the east side that says: “To Rudolf Steiner, who loved this spot”)
  5. Wagamama gyozas, yaki soba, and Kirin beer
  6. The bookshops on Charing Cross Road
  7. The Tiroler Hutte in Bayswater
  8. Black cabs and double-decker buses
  9. Indian food
  10. Being able to see more movies, shows, and bands than just about anywhere else in the world

I’m realizing that my list has changed significantly since I was here a few years ago as a student. Back then it was about going out and doing something every night. Now it’s about snuggling up on the sofa with Snookums, takeout from the Indian place down the street, and the Buffy DVD. 🙂


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  1. Kris:
    I had the same shock. Bradley’s is on Hanaway Street in W1. Apparently, dog racing is the second most popular specatator sport in Britain. Check it out at and Urban Farms exist right here in Hackney, Goldsmith, Surrey Docks Farms, and Rotherhithe Street. Must admit, Wagamama’s may even make my personal top three. But, where is Trioler Hutte?

  2. It’s this crappy tiny little Austrian bar/restaurant just off Queensway. We discovered it when I was a student because it was the only place in Bayswater open after 11 p.m. You have to go underground and it’s so small that nine times out of ten they won’t let you in. Inside the tables are all covered in checkered table cloths and the waitresses were German style dirndls. You order beer in litre steins that are the size of my head. Seriously. The food mainly consists of fondue and schnitzel. The best part is the little man who plays the keyboard and accordian and sings. It’s always fun of drunk old people dancing and singing. Seriously a fun and surreal place.

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