Andrew O’Hehir provided me with my favorite top ten movies of 2001 list. The funniest part:

    3. “Mulholland Drive” Yeah, I mean, I guess so. This one I definitely need to see again. Part of me suspects it’s just lesbian porn plus pretentious pseudo-symbolist claptrap (not that there’s anything wrong with that, exactly).

His comments about Mariah Carey and “The Fast and the Furious” are pretty good too. For me, that balances out his inclusion of “Ghost World”, which I thought sucked.


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  1. hey, i gotta say i agree with him on t.f.a.t.f. – it DID rock. (especially if you have an inexplicable crush on vin diesel!)

    and his first suspicions about freaking m.d. are quite astute – don’t even get me started on that movie.

    btw, did i tell you i finally saw vanilla sky? have you yet? i’m still not quite sure how i felt about it overall, but the soundtrack is definitely appropriate and KICKASS. you need to see it, because there’s a scene where tom cruise is walking along and rem’s “sweetness follows” is playing – i swear i held my breath the whole time, it was so gorgeous and haunting. cameron crowe’s kind of a god, i think. 🙂 (but i still didn’t expect all that cryogenic freezing bullshit…)

  2. hey, are you online? sign on IM.

    Haven’t seen Vanilla Sky yet. I hate Penelope Cruz. I don’t see movies with people with genetically mutated lips.

  3. for all of the “best of 2001” movie lists that are out there, J. and i still spent close to an hour in the video store on friday night. our first mistake was going without consulting movielens first. we finally settled on Planet of the Apes…not so bad but not that good.

    as for vanilla sky, i’m trying to resist seeing it as the reviews i’ve heard thus far have been really mixed.

  4. I’ve decided that the Snook and I can no longer go to the video store together. We stand there for AGES. Trying to find a movie that we’ll both like that we both haven’t watched is ridiculous. We’re so damn indecisive, and neither person wants to take the initiative. We’re almost as bad at the grocery store. It’s gotten to the point where I say just one of us should go and the other will just have to live with the consequences.

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