Interesting discovery: After midnight in Australia, they show the American NBC Today Show live on telly. Neat. Happy birthday, Katie Couric!

(Why am I up so late? Because of my new hobby: counted cross stitch! Seriously. I needed something to occupy me – since I can’t get a job yet – and I used to enjoy doing them as a kid. I’ve got two, a sorceror and a sorceress. Pretty cool. I’ve just started the sorceress and I’m obsessed with it. I’ll probably be done with both in two days and then bored again.)

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  1. Cool I wanna to get into some shit like that too.

    From kits I once stitched together 2 soft toys, one was a Dog and the other was a Mole.

    The bad pun is the mole got the name Guaca 😉

    Happy Stitchin’ Kris

  2. I didn’t know you sewed! What a secretly talented Ferret you are. 🙂

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