Ron started a meme! He’s created the blogger code and even a handy cgi that generates it for you. Here’s mine:

    B5 d++ t++ k s f+ i o x- e+ l+ c–

My Geek Code is already available on the about page.


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  1. You forced me to finally do it, Kris. Not only did I go get my own blogger code, but I went ahead and figured out my geek code, too. Sigh. What a way to spend a lazy afternoon at work.

  2. Fantastic. But hey! What site is this? The link I have for you goes to your novel. I didn’t realize you had a journal site as well! I’m gonna switch the link right now so I can start visiting this one more often. 🙂

  3. Wow! Ron has created a monster.

  4. Oh man, I keep forgetting about the novel over at Diary-x! That used to be where my journal entries were kept, but then I finally figured out Blogger, and now I’m using my domain again.

  5. OH! I keep checking it, and I’m like, “Damn, Moire, why dontcha update once in a while??” But now i know where you really are. 🙂

  6. I just realized that my code is missing the “u” value. It really is:

    B5 d++ t++ k s u- f+ i o x- e+ l+ c–

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