I am the New Year’s Resolution Girl! I joined the gym today and made an appointment to see a personal trainer tomorrow afternoon. I am going to get fit, fit, fit. But no yoga. I learned that lesson already.


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  1. Dude, let’s talk about yoga. It is CR-AZY. I mean, I am all down with inner thought and “the core” and all that stuff, but my body just don’t go that way. Why is everyone on the planet supposed to be yoga-head already? Hey, you should try pilates, though. It is similar – a little meditation (but not as much), more relaxation, and lots of stretching with no downward-facing-dog, thank you very much.

  2. Also, congrats. Here’s to looking like J.LO in 2002.

  3. pilates?! that $#!+ is hard! the one class i took had me bent over (no not like that) for a whole week, my abs were so sore!

    but you’re right—yoga definitely has been leading the bandwagon train of late. to each their own, variety is the spice of life, blahblahblah… 😉

  4. I feel ya, Brigita! It is hard, but at least people on all levels can try to do the moves albeit painful. At least you don’t have to be a total contortionist. Man, you are right about the bandwagon, too- this year I think martial arts is all the rage, coming to a Bally’s near you.

  5. I hate the downward dog. Anything without the downward dog is my friend.

    (Rodd’s mom is into it, and somehow his little nephew has picked up on it. He’s only a year and a half, and if you say, “Kurt, downward dog!” he does it! So cute. Flexible little bugger.)

    My gym’s got both yoga and pilates. But I’m loving the sound of this: “GROOVE THEORY. A cardiovascular workout ranging in styles from hip-hop, funk, diva, jazz and latin with a means to teach you the ultimate moves for your next podium appearance.” HELL YEAH! 🙂

  6. down dog blows kibble. i don’t think there’s any disagreement over that.

    word on the street is that belly dancing (sexy bohemian cool) and strip aerobics (trashy pseudo yuck) are the latest new trends in fitness classes.

    i dunno…being that i my newest yoga instructor——didja hear me Dora, you old bat?——i might have to stick to running and invest in some quality instructional tapes.

  7. oops–that would be i hate my yoga instructor. well, strongly dislike, anyhow. i think i goofed on the italics tags.

  8. STRIP aerobics? What kinda gym do you belong to, anyway?? 🙂

  9. oh no, they aren’t offering strip aerobics at the Norfolk Young Christian Men’s Association; it looks like it’s popular in LA & NYC.

    Take it off…the weight we mean. This class takes some of the basic moves of the strip tease and combines them with aerobic elements to create a fun, energizing and sexy workout. Careful it may also improve your private life!

  10. god—i can’t even spell out YMCA correctly. i should just go get my stack of thank you notes and saddle on up to prime time. 🙁

  11. Ahh, it’s an L.A. thing. Well, that kind of explains it. Californians are wacko.

  12. yeah…i kinda hope we move back. 😉 but to Northern California—SoCal is totally different.

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