The most beautiful man in alterna-rock is marrying the most annoying female in alterna-rock. I give this union about three months.


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  1. Ugh. I’m so sick of Gwen. She’s, like, the female version of P Diddy… Every time you turn around, there she is.

  2. And I love how reluctant Gavin sounds about it. Sounds like she basically forced him into it. And I read somewhere that he was really pissed off about that song she put on No Doubt’s last album about him. At least she’s not wearing that godawful bindi anymore. Or is she?

  3. No, I don’t think so. She’s into the whole gangsta R&B hip-hop thing now, and I don’t think any of them wear bindis.

    I didn’t realize that that “ex-girlfriend” song was about her and Gavin. I always thought she was still harping about the guy in No Doubt that she dated for years and years. According to the Behind The Music ep on No Doubt, she sorta forced him into that relationship, so I can see how Gavin could be coerced by her feminine wiles. I think she’s just all-around a very agressive, psycho-possessive type of girl.

  4. gawd, she makes me crazy. her new vintage-ska-rap mélange look could have had potential but just came out all wrong.

    J. used to have the big celebrity crush on her, which i love to tease him about mercilessly now that she’s a big [engaged] weirdo.

  5. Ewwww! I can’t believe you guys like GAVIN over Gwen. Gwen is not a winner, and yes, she seems flaky, but who is this playboy Gavin? Have you heard Bush? ICK! Plus, he is supposedly Mr. Cheater. I’ve never understood her fame, really, but she does have nice abs. Hey- Moire – I think that song IS about her ex-boyf in No Doubt, not Gavin, per the Behind the Music episode.
    But, who knows.

    Here’s something: Remember the song “Spiderwebs”? I’m walking into spiderwebs/Leave a Message and I’l call you back…It’s all your fault/Screen my phone calls”? I used to think that was “It’s all your fault/Scream my balls off”. Keep that one in your back pocket.

  6. Hey, Tara… When you get lyrics confused, that’s what they call a “Mondegreen.” There’s a few sites out there dedicated to misunderstood lyrics. They’re pretty funny, you should check them out! 😉

    And don’t worry, _I’m_ not exactly a Gavin fan, and that’s only because I don’t like his band, Bush. I still like their song “Swallowed,” however. Rumor has it that Gavin penned that song after getting a certain sexual favor from a certain bald frontman from a certain band out of Athens, GA. I always thought Gavin was really gay, so when I started hearing that he was with Gwen it came as a surprise.

    But Gwen… I used to like her once upon a time. I thought she was classy and brave for being so outspoken with her style. Then I discovered that she has a “stylist” who helps her dress wacky. That’s not original! Now there’s a bunch of 14-year-old Mini-Gwens running around the malls.

    You can buy bindis at Claire’s Boutique. There’s something wrong with this fact.

    I was fine with her before the whole Moby collaboration. Oh, and that annoying “Blow Your Mind” song gets on my last nerve.

  7. WHAT?! Gavin got a BJ from Stipey? NO WAY.

    Although I can see that. Gavin Rossdale, as I said, is the most beautiful man in alterna-rock. In my opinion. Yeah, his music sucks. But he’s English. And he’s got cheekbones like James Marsters. See?

    I actually own the “Tragic Kingdom” CD. I loved “Just a Girl”. Then came that horrendous “Don’t Speak”, and the annoying video which was basically about the whole band hating her for being the diva. Which was kinda cool, but annoying when it became a hit.

    I still can’t believe that Stipe thing. But I’m gonna enjoy thinking about it. (Eww, sorry, TMI.)

  8. I just realized Brigita used the word mélange on my website. That’s a first. 🙂

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