I’m still officially avoiding the big news, but Snookums informs me that web-goddess remains spoiler-free. I just got back from my first session with my new personal trainer and I had to spread the news. It was awesome! His name is Alex and he’s the friendliest, buffest gay man I’ve ever met. He devised a program for me that’s primarily based around weight lifting, and I’m supposed to do it twice a week. We went through all the exercises today and I’m excited to do it on my own (though I’m gonna be sore tomorrow!). I also do 20 minutes cardiovascular, and I might take in a class every now and then. I’m gonna be fit, baby! And Alex is hopefully going to provide the motivation and accountability I need. I have to see him again in 6-8 weeks for a progress report, so I can’t slack off, which is good.

And dude, let me just say how much I love my new gym. It’s rundown, it’s above a grocery store, but it’s full of hot men. Hot gay men. Hot gay Australian men. It’s the best. Today there was a row of about ten of us on the treadmills, all plodding along, when the opening strains of Kylie’s “Spinning Around” were heard. In unison, every person reached for the speed control to bump themselves up to a jog. It was soooo fun.


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  1. i’m so glad you found a place that’s a good fit, kris! as for this talk of “big news” and spoilers… what are you keeping from us? 😉

  2. Yeah! What’s going down, yo? 😉

  3. Here’s the spoil…I won.

  4. Dudes, read the previous post. I was avoiding the big “Survivor” news. 🙂

  5. I just realized that I messed up in the original post. I don’t do the workout twice a week; I do it every two days. Which makes me even more of a badass, don’t you think? (I’m joking; I’m so sore I can’t lift my arms.)

  6. daaaaaaaamn! very impressive, kris. 🙂

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