Ethan won. Damn. I called that totally wrong. But at least I successfully avoided the spoiler for 24 hours. We actually watched the final episode with Rodd’s friend Kenya, so nicknamed because he is from Kenya. He kept telling us about the wildlife and saying it made him homesick. So that was interesting. I was happy Lex didn’t win. (He’d just spend it all on crack and tattoos anyway.) Brandon and Kelly are the bitchiest two people I’ve ever seen in my life. I’m never going to watch The Graduate in the same way again. And after the episode we went out for many many beers, which explains the rambling nature of this post. Must sleep now. Gym in the morning!


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  1. dude, you’re negating all your work at the gym with those “many” beers! i hope they were LITE, dammit!

    in all seriousness, i’m very proud of you. mom’s got a digital scale, and i religiously check my weight on it several times a day, as though that replaces the need to actually EXERCISE. it makes me feel like i’m all on top of the situation, when really i’m just obsessing about my laziness. hopefully i and the boys will choose the apartments with the nice fitness room so i can start being a badass, too.

    oh, speaking of lazy…i’m too to email, so i’ll just post this: your check came today. got it from dad and many, many thanks. we found your purple dartboard so now i just need to get a bigger box, cash the check and find a good international shipping co. for your stuff to be on its way.

    oh, and email me soon and ask about my job interview yesterday! 🙂

  2. Job interview? Congratulations! Good luck with that.

    Yeah, beers are bad. But they weren’t Guinness. And I’ve given up drinking soda (no more Mountain Dew!), so I’m hoping that balances out a little.

    Don’t be too proud of me yet. I’m so sore I can’t move. If I actually manage to keep this up for a month, THAT will be an accomplishment.

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