The Apple iPod is selling like hotcakes. Snookums and I went to the Sydney store recently to try to get one, but they were all gone. (The guy confessed that his company had only received five for all of Australia.) But shhhhh! I have a cunning plan to get one. More info to come. Mum’s the word…


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  1. If you do get one I suggest getting an iPod carrying sack also. Mine got some little scratches after only one day in my pocket. Actually, the plastic covering the LCD got a scratch too–that’s the most disconcerting. Overall tho, it’s nothing major, but if you want your iPod looking pristine for years I would get the iPod jacket. Just a suggestion.

  2. Ooh, good call. Do Apple make them as an accessory? Where do you get one?

  3. There’s a couple versions floating around now on random e-tailers–nothing I can really recommend. Apple should really make their own version and give it for free with the iPod. Anyway, my iPod’s already scratched so I’m going to keep it jacket-less and go for the venerable old and weathered look. Meanwhile, I’m gonna keep my iBook out of my pocket from now on. Pockets are a dangerous place for shiny white plastic.

  4. Yeah, I did some research and apparently Apple have just decided to let third party vendors fill this need. I think I found a decent one. Hopefully they deliver overseas…

  5. A technical support employee at the Apple Store here in DC recommended the iPod cases sold here. He showed me his iPod, clad in the leather case, and raved about how nifty it was. You can attach it to your belt like a cell phone, so it’s always right at your fingertips and not buried in your pocket.

    It’s too late for my iPod, though… It’s so scratched and pitiful looking, and it’s only ever been in my coat pocket. Buh… Scratched all to hell. But it still works perfect and I love it madly. I plan on getting the neoprene case when SFBags starts shipping them, just so no one can see how abused my iPod looks.

  6. Wow. Two people complaining about the scratches. I’m really gonna need a protector.

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