Gaaaaahhhh. Baby with a tail. I repeat, baby with a tail. Hindu god or not, if that were my kid I’d be talking with a plastic surgeon as we speak.


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  1. Time out- that is REALLY a tail, dude. that isn’t like, some little stub that was a slight birth defect, but a long *ss M-F Tail! I saw an X-files about thsi once, and they explained how it happens genetically every once in a while (scully)/how the baby was satan (mulder). If they really think it is awesome for the baby to have a tail, then I guess they could wait ’til he was older to look into surgery. I just don’t like how they are parading him around where people are offering money at temples – he’s not a part of a side-show!

  2. Everybody who goes out with that guy is gonna be like, “I wanna get some TAIL tonight!”
    Bad joke.
    Howie, I like your new design. Reply to my questions about the PW website, if you can muster the energy.

  3. I think it’s gross. It looks like some kind of penis/finger/hot-dog thing. (Sorry for the imagery.) They HAVE to get it removed. As soon as this kid goes to school, all the other kids are gonna be grabbin’ it! I wonder how firmly it’s attached…

    (Crawf – I hear ya. Coming soon.)

  4. Oh. My. God. *shudder* I heard about it and picture a thumb sized stub or something. That’s just….daymn

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