So I’m sittin’ here watchin’ the Australian Open and once again I’m struck by how much Andy Roddick looks like my brother Anthony. Check this out:

My brother Andy Roddick
My brother Andy Roddick

I couldn’t find a good picture of Roddick smiling (and I didn’t have one of my brother not), but I think you can still see the resemblance. For those of us that know him, it’s even more startling.


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  1. Are you kidding me….I thought it was Anthony. WOW

  2. That’s not even the best picture of him. Turn on ESPN sometime these days (they’ll be sure to be showing the Aussie Open). Even his body looks like Antny. He’s, like, six feet tall with broad shoulders. I pointed him out to Snook the other day on TV and even he thought it was an amazing resemblance.

  3. Amazing isnt the word for it, twins would be more like it. Put a hat on Ant and I swear nobody could tell them apart.

  4. Wow! The resemblance is rather startling, isn’t it? I believe that everyone’s got a doppleganger; mine’s living somewhere in Austrailia.

    Oh, and BTW… Your brother is way cute!

  5. Yeah, he’s a hottie. All my friends in college were calling dibs on him way back when he was fifteen. 🙂

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