Remember the Blogger Code? Someone is accusing Ron of stealing it, despite the fact that the two versions have nothing in common but the idea of a “code”, which can be traced back here anyway. Don’t get me wrong; I’m all about integrity on the web (especially as regards stealing images). But God, we can be a petty bunch sometimes, squabbling over popularity.


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  1. “it’s not about popularity, it’s about integrity”

    sheah, RIGHT.

  2. Exactly. I mean, when she snottily referred to him as “Mr. I’m #1 on Daypop” she sorta revealed her true colors, don’t you think? Nobody who reads Ron’s blog would begrudge him 15 minutes of fame.

    And anyway, I’m offended by anyone who makes a webpage that I can’t view with anything but IE. Go back to AOL, I say.

  3. 1) I don’t read Ron’s blog and I know nothing about him or you. And you have no clue what my “true colors” are, and certainly can’t tell from one clause of a sentence. If you think you can, maybe you need your own TV show. 2) My site is fully NS compliant, in fact, I only use NS to view the web, so WTF?

  4. You know nothing about him but you still feel justified in accusing him of stealing your idea? How do you know he couldn’t come up with such a thing himself? Sounds like you’re doing a little “jumping to conclusions” yourself.

    I was just reiterating that you haven’t offered any evidence of any wrongdoing other than his version was more popular than yours. Hence, that seems to be the only thing you got upset about.

    I don’t use Netscape. I use OmniWeb, which is standards compliant. When I hit your site, I get a blank orange background. Just reporting what I find.

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