Check it out! I have a webcam! That’s me wavin’ at you over there. I know it’s a bit crappy, but I haven’t played around with it very much yet so hopefully they’ll get better. And once we get ADSL – which should happen soon – they’ll be updated on a regular basis! Those of you hoping I’ll embrace the camgirl lifestyle shouldn’t hold their breath, though. I’ve promised the Snook that w-g will remain PG-rated, no matter what you buy me off my Amazon wishlist. 🙂

(Note: I know the image is a bit bloated, but I can’t fix that til I get a better jpeg compressor. Just turn off the images if you find the site takes too long to load.)


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  1. Daaaaamn. I like how “The Best Sex You’ll Ever Have! 101 Exciting Postions for Esctatic Sexual Fulfillment” is nestled between a “Jurassic Park III” DVD, and a kid’s program called “Leap 1 Phonics: Tad’s Good Night.” Naughty. 😉

  2. Interesting choice of books there Kris??

    No need to ask what you’re up to down there (ooh errr misses)…… 🙂

  3. WHAT? Oh Dear Lord, have I gotten the link wrong???

  4. It is wrong! Mine is actually here. Whoa, sorry!

    Hmmm. I copied the URL from going to the “My Wish List” link, while I was logged in. Obviously that’s different from the URL other people use. Huh. I wonder if you folks got A) your own lists, or B) somebody else’s list? (In which case, “Naughty!” right back atcha, Moire!) 🙂

  5. LOL! I don’t even HAVE a wishlist, babe! ;D

  6. Ah, now that’s more like it. This list seems much more like you than the default list we were inadvertantly led to. I didn’t think you were such a big country fan. 😉

    I want the Snape action figure, dammit! *stomp stomp stomp*

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