Reason 512 I’m Glad I’m Not Still in Britain: winter vomiting

“We are not talking about feeling a bit dicky and chucking up in the toilet bowl. I am told that people can vomit straight out for about a yard.”


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  1. Dude, I just heard about this. NAST! A yard? That’s painful, and slightly … impressive (?).

  2. Oh, man! I hope that virus stays in Britian where it belongs. You know how kids get the 24-hour flu bug all the time… Could you imagine the legions of school children projectile vomiting quite suddenly, all over the classroom? What a nightmare.

  3. TD – Did you ever hear Liz’s slightly similar story about the “corned beef hash incident”? Ask her about it some time. It’s the funniest projectile vomiting story I’ve ever heard in my life.

    Oh, and according to some accounts, this virus can also induce diarrhea as well. I can’t imagine anything worse, can you?

  4. Eww! Corned beef hash is nasty enough on its own, let alone the second time around!

  5. Especially when the story involves projectile vomiting it onto a tree outside a churchful of people up in the Appalachian mountains. 🙂

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