Happy blog-birthday, Scrubbles!

A happy belated FIFTEENTH(!) blog-birthday to Matt at Scrubbles! His blog is one that I’ve read, well, pretty much ever day for a decade and a half now. I’ve got “Mama Cat” on my bookshelf and several LitKids prints on my wall. After years of only knowing him through his blog, it was great to finally meet Matt (and Christopher!) when we drove through Phoenix in April of last year.

You may not know, but Matt actually created the web-goddess logo for me (a barter deal for a custom knitted scarf). His anniversary reminded me that my own milestone must be coming up soon. The oldest post at this site is actually from September 7, 2000, but it was originally from a separate blog that I started for alumnae of my college dorm. The first personal blog post I wrote was on January 7, 2001, which was hosted at web-goddess.co.uk since I was still living in London then. (Wow. Some Internet marketroid has got the domain now. At least it isn’t porn, I guess.) And hey, my first first mention of Scrubbles was on January 31, 2001…

Gosh, I feel old.

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  1. Happiest of anniversaries coming up! It’s amazing the number of fun and interesting people we’ve met through Matt’s blog. What a great idea! 🙂

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