I do not eat nor drink blue things. And I can’t imagine many of you would either. *shudder*


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  1. but both razzberry blowpops and slush puppies are so good! you just don’t want to have one right before an important job interview. 😉

  2. The only, ONLY blue thing I might possibly ever eat is the Looey-Bloo Otter Pop. Otter Pops rock.

    I wonder if blue Pepsi would turn your mouth blue??

  3. i would imagine so. an old roommate once brought home a 6-pack of Romulan Ale. kinda hard to look cool at a party when your whole mouth—tongue, teeth, the whole bit—is blue.

  4. I have blue soda: memorabilia from Duke’s 1991 NCAA basketball championship. I never actually drank it, but heard that while it didn’t turn your mouth blue, it bluely affected other bodily processes.

    It’s a little ironic, because just 8 months before I bought my Duke Blue soda at the campus book store, those same wise Dukies warned me and my fellow freshmen not to ever drink anything blue.

  5. See? Snookums (who studied chemistry) has been arguing for a day that blue dye turns your pee blue. He told me about science nerd pranks involving putting it in somebody’s Coke at a party and then watching them freak out an hour later.

  6. The best ice cream from Jiffy Treat is blue…Cookie Monster. It doesn’t turn me blue, just fat. 🙂

  7. Yeah I spilt dye on my film collection. That’s why all I watch now are blue movies.

  8. You should have been a comedian, Ferret… like, fifty years ago. 🙂

  9. Funnyish Ferret

    May 13, 2002 — 9:53 pm

    hehe… I try my best to make crappy jokes!

    Well someone has to…

  10. The blue dye used in Pepsi blue won’t turn your pee blue because it doesn’t get absorbed into the bloodstream and therefore can’t get to the kidneys. Since it isn’t absorbed it comes out in your crap and turns it green (because there’s always a bunch of yellow bile-derived pigment there) or blue (if you really consume a *lot*). Kids, especially boys, tend to get a kick out of that and it’s been speculated that that’s one of the reasons kids like blue drinks so much (blue Slurpees, for example, are well-known for giving you green poop).

    There is a dye, called methylene blue, which *does* get absorbed and comes out in your pee. It’s the one used in the pranks. It’s not approved as a food coloring in the US (apparently it can cause anemia in people with a certain inherited metabolic problem), but it’s probably the dye used in the (imported, I believe) “Romulan Ale.”

  11. Thanks for that… I still won’t be drinking any. 🙂

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