Dan Devine, one of Notre Dame’s great football coaches, has died. Unless I’m mistaken, he was the coach for Rudy‘s famous game.


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  1. Yup – Dan was the man. Neat insight into the portrayal in Rudy in the Notre Dame mag:


  2. Thanks Ciaran! Are you a Domer or just an Irish fan?

    Fun sidenote: My sophomore year Resident Assistant was in “Rudy”! Her name is Colleen Moore and she played the “Pretty Girl” with a bike that Rudy tries to set up with D-Bop. She’s even got an IMDb entry! We teased her about that all year. 🙂

  3. So soon they forget! You & the snookster bugger off to Oz & leave the rest of us languishing and then you forget us! Wait till I tell Alex & Nick!

  4. WAIT! THIS IS NETDECISIONS CIARAN?? Oh man, I’m so sorry! I had no idea it was you! I didn’t know you were a visitor! Sorry about that. Rodd’s laughing at me now.

  5. Ciaran; hope you are well.

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