Roger Ebert has pre-emptively ruined my entire week. *sulk*


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  1. Oh no! He’s gotta be wrong this time, man… GOTTA be!

  2. Wouldn’t you know he’d write this the same week I finally sit down and devour his 100 Great Movies book! Here I am, thinking this guy really does know how to explain what makes a movie truly wonderful, and then he pans something I’nm dying to see. In the interest of fairness, though, other reviewers have been saying much the same thing as Ebert does, and he does clarify that his review is from someone who just wants a great film, not necessarily another helping of mythology.

    Still, it would have been nice to see even another half-star or so, huh?

  3. He may have a point about memorable quotes. I mean which one can you remember from Ep1? “Fear leads to…”? That’s about it?

    Saw ESB in the IMAX last Friday and what struck me was (compared to Ep1) there was a lot less worrying about finer details, it just got on with the story.

    Anyway I don’t care what some critic says I’m still going to see it and at least the Odeon (Leceister Sq) is supposed to have a digital projector! 🙂

  4. “I will not condone a course of action that will lead us to war.” That’s the one I repeated over and over when I was in line as Queen Amidala, mostly because that was the only line of hers they showed during the trailers. 🙂

    Wow, IMAX! I’m totally jealous. Was it a one-off, or have they been released to IMAX now? I’m wondering if it’ll come to Sydney? (Snookums says we have the world’s biggest screen.)

    Only 72 hours left!

  5. Holy crap! I just rechecked my tickets. We’re seeing it WEDNESDAY midnight. That’s only 48 hours!!

  6. Its’ not that memorable a line though is it? Not like…”Luke, I am your father” “Do or do not. There is no try.” and that’s not including “I have a bad feeling about this”

    Even though it was IMAX is was still on 35mm so only used up a third of the screen. Still pretty cool, though the seats weren’t comfy.

    Apparently its showing them all on the 1st June as all night session.

    Hmmm I have to wait till 8:20 on Thursday 🙁

  7. Yeah, but I’m wondering if those lines were memorable right after the originals came out. (I was too little to remember). I mean, we’ve had twenty years to watch the things a hundred times. Of course it’s gonna seem memorable now. Everything seems memorable if you have it memorized. 🙂

    Maybe Episode 1 will improve ten years down the line…

  8. My favorite is the “I love you” “I know” exchange in ESB. It was one that we were quoting walking out of the theatre when we first saw it in 79? 80? (third grade for me). I’m not confident Episode I will age that well.

    I’m still optimistic about Episode II. 7:15pdt Thursday!

  9. Actualli Can remember another quote from Ep1 “How wude” – not the best one to remember.

    Yes that ESB exchange is cool. ESB rocks.

  10. Heh. That’s, like, the one line that famously WASN’T in the script. They’d had to do 500 takes or something, and Harrison Ford got tired of saying “I love you too” over and over again. So he said “I know” one time, and everybody loved it so much they kept it in. True story.

    That’s my favorite bit too. 🙂

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