I told you about the missing wealthy Melbourne couple, right? Well, they found them dead and buried in a shallow grave, and now it looks like the youngest son did it. This could be a great true crime novel. Watching it unfold in the media has just been fascinating.


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  1. Ahhh not the ole “where are the parents” type story. Happens all the time if you ask me.

    Been there, done that.

  2. It is a fantastic bit of gossip, isn’t it? Once the news broke out that the son had hired a trailer the day after his parents went missing, I knew something dodgy was going on. Poor (rich) old people!

  3. I love how in the paper, they’ve been pointing out how he’s the only member of the family that didn’t have an official duty during the funeral. Like, because he didn’t read a poem or something he’s obviously guilty. It’s hilarious.

    I can’t wait til the evidence comes out. He was such an idiot, it seems. I guess the mother was buried with the $100K in jewelry she was wearing at the time. Why didn’t he dump that stuff to make it look like a robbery? The paper also said that the police chief got some kind of “suppression order” that kept the media from reporting on other evidence found at the crime scene. I’m betting the moron left some very obvious clue.

  4. Well, I guess crime just doesn’t pay!

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