Hey Brigita, it looks like McDonald’s is admitting they screwed up by tricking all you vegetarians and Hindus into eating fries tainted with beef. They’re donating $10 million to “Hindu and other groups” to say they’re sorry. Hmmm, I wonder how you get in on that payout?


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  1. corporations should be held accountable for intentionally misleading the public, although $10 mil. seems like a drop in the MacBucket. although i have to admit, their fries taste like crap now. 😉

  2. Hey, not just McD’s – also, Burger King is fessing up. That is pretty bad, dude. Although, it’s nothing next to the Pirate’s Booty Scandal of 2001! (Any Weight Watchers member will know of this, I bet.)

  3. Pirate’s Booty actually gave people big booties, from what I heard.

  4. i was very disappointed to discover that Tony’s frozen cheese pizza wasn’t nearly as tasty as Tony’s frozen pepperoni pizza sans pepperoni.

  5. What in the world are you people talking about?? 🙂

  6. Pirate’s Booty is a snack here, Kris – kind of like Cheese Curls, but super-light. Weight Watchers talks about them, offers coupons in their magazine, etc. – b/c they were a super light snack that was kind of decadent. Then, someone retested the booty against the nutritional info (Good Housekeeping or someone) and found that the info was all wrong – that it was like, 5 or 6 more grams of fat, etc. So, people were OUTRAGED, and this one woman sued. I think she is settling, but I know she’s trying to get a lot out of ’em.

  7. Right after I asked you about it, I saw a thread on Metafilter about it. Huh. Regardless of the fact content… that is a CRAZY name for a food. I don’t think I’d eat it even if it was low-fat. 🙂

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