I am so mad I could spit. I just got the following e-mail from a jerk:

Hi tell me please why have you got a website, with tales in which only you and a few of your intimates would only be very vaguely interested?

And a Goddess of what, pray?

I cannot quote the scripture but is it not written in the Christian Holy Bible, something to the effect about praising oneself being no prasie [sic] at all?

Oh, thank you, Mr. AOLer, for pointing out the errors of my ways. NOT. Can you believe that? Someone actually criticizing my personal site and journal? What an asshole. I shouldn’t have responded to such a blatant troll, but I couldn’t resist. Oh, and if any spammers are looking for a good address to scrape, I think you know what to do.


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  1. Oh my god, ass! ASS! I am going after it. Bouncin’ ’em out. Roughin’ ’em up. Just let me know if anyone else gives you trouble, little lady.

  2. looks like he used a primary e-mail addy as well. not the sharpest troll on the tree, eh?

  3. Arg. Reading that makes me angry. What an arse. :o(

  4. He sent me a reply, with predictable venom. Apparently his devotion to the Good Book does not preclude him from wishing another Sept. 11 to “get rid of a few more” of us obnoxious Americans. What an ass. I’m just gonna ignore him.

  5. with christians like that, who needs christians? is he american hisself or british? not that it really matters…

  6. Sounds like a moron. Sign him up for some free daily porn 🙂

  7. Jeepers, what a dick. You’ve got to love those self-righteous AOHellers

  8. He blows. If I believed in hell, I’d believe he belonged there. ‘Christian’ my ass.

  9. Grr! I can’t think of anything to say about this jerk that doesn’t involve explitives. He’s a stinking pile of offal, — a greasy, slimy stain — to wish Sept. 11th on ANYONE.

    What a narrow-minded prick. I hope he knows that no one here really cares what he thinks. Go away, troll, shoo!

  10. I was going to point out the hypocrisy of someone slagging Americans while using America On-Line… but I decided to just leave well enough alone. I don’t wanna give him any more excuse to unload on me.

  11. Complete wanker. By the way, there appears to be uan unclosed bold tag in that rant which is screwing up the rest of the page.

    Complete twat.

  12. Weirdness. I don’t get that at all, Jann. Is anybody else seeing random bolded text?

  13. Oh, nevermind. Oh the home page. It was the post above that one. It’s fixed now! That’s for the heads up.

  14. What a sad sad tosser.

    Plus his little titbit about sept 11 is innaccurate as that was the worst single terrorist attrocity for more countries than just the US; like the UK, OZ for starters.

    I had a email scrap with a guy at work the yesterday. Was cool. A little combatidness livens the day, little jerk.

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