How about them Mets? They finally won a Subway Series! I know some Yankees fans who’re probably pretty pissed right now. I didn’t even realize David Wells was back on their team. I’m happy for the Mets, but mostly just because I like Mike Piazza and loathe that troglodyte Roger Clemens.


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  1. Not pissed, just disappointed.

    I hate that troglodyte (great word), too. They should have knocked him on his ass.

  2. Well, I’d heard of the word before but I just recently found out it means “cave dweller”. Rather appropriate, I think.

    I don’t wish the Yankees ill will at all. Other than Clemens, I pretty much respect everybody else on the team. I just have a tendency to always root for the underdog, so I hate perpetual winners. 🙂

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