USA JUST SCORED THEIR SECOND GOAL! Man, this is a great game. That was such a sweet header. Of course, we’ll probably get our ass kicked by Germany, but just getting this far is fantastic.


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  1. I’m really looking forward to the England – USA final. England to win, just, of course.

  2. Haha! I’d love to see that one too! And I’d totally cheer for England. Heck, if the US won the rest of the world would probably quit playing out of disgust.

  3. Go USA! That’s not something I thought I’d ever hear myself say. Zey muzt now beat ze Chermans. (This is not xenophobia or jingoism or racism or any other ism, zis is zimply Füsbal, no?)

  4. Fuck it, who cares. England have the Cup this year!

    And I swore prominently in your comments.

  5. Hey, swear away. Just don’t mention the War! 🙂

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