Jhames wants us to spread the love today. You all know that I love the Snook (lord knows I talk about him enough!), but I wanted to publicly highlight some of the reasons why.

  • He tells me I’m pretty at least once a day. And he means it.
  • He always wakes up when I have a nightmare and gives me a hug.
  • He tells me he’s proud of me after my athletic endeavors.
  • We speak in a secret language of South Park, Buffy, and Star Wars quotes that no one else understands.
  • He’s smarter than me. I like not having a dumb boyfriend anymore.
  • We’re both slobs. The only nagging about housework is from my own guilty conscience.
  • He’s such a good cook. I’m not. Yet he always says what I make is good and eats every bite.
  • He enables my Harry Potter Trading Card addiction.
  • He never wants to “go out with the guys” by himself. Even if I try to stay home, he insists that I come along or “it won’t be any fun.”
  • He understands the things that piss me off (like bad HTML, insulting commercials, and inappropriate baby strollers).
  • He’s a very good father to our fish. 🙂
  • He’s my best friend.

Okay, yeah, a little cheesy there. But I just wanted to show that there’s more to him than the cartoon-y bits you get here at my site. So go on, celebrate Love Day at your site. Put down the memes and quizzes for five minutes and spread some joy and beauty. Thanks to Michele for drawing my attention to this.


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  1. More importantly, he’s lucky to have a love like you.

  2. Aww, so sweet! Thanks, Jhames.

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