Test your Science IQ. I only missed one. How well do you do?


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  1. I missed 2. Buh! 🙁

  2. Grrr…I hate it when I miss one I know! I’m glad I have my degree already. No more science!!! I like the words

  3. I love any kind of IQ tests. I knew that all of those college chem classes and that nuclear engineering training would come in handy some day! (I got them all right).

    I was pretty impressed with the ages listed by some of the questions; there were some hard ones there!

  4. I got all of them right (thus destroying, once and for all, any stereotypes about English folks’ alleged aversion to science…um, right?), but I have to admit that nuclear decay question was really only a semi-educated (and all lucky) guess.

  5. wooHOO i swept it! gotta love putting that BS to good use.

  6. Okay, I missed the one about the sun appearing larger. But here’s the thing – I thought since they didn’t specify what HEMISPHERE they were measuring from, that it was a trick question about the axis. So I was kinda right. I over-thought.

  7. Kris, I got the same one wrong as you. It’s been bugging me too, because I initially clicked on the right answer, then second guessed myself. Not that I’m hung up on getting a good score on a test. Nope, not me, no way…

  8. It’s okay. Let’s start a Special People’s Club for Those Who Over-Think Meaningless IQ Test Questions and Are Therefore Smarter Than Those Who Just Regurgitate The Correct Answer. You with me? We can mock everybody else! 🙂

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