Psychic connection: On Friday Matt mentioned upgrading his iMac memory and playing “The Sims”. What I did this weekend: upgrade my iMac memory and play (my brand new copy of) “The Sims.” Spooky.


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  1. Hey Kris -Over the weekend I constructed a new Sim home for the sole purpose of getting the two women inside to catfight. You?

  2. Well, as I’m still brand-new to the game, I started out with the obvious: reproducing my current house with all three of my roommates. So far it’s pretty damn accurate. There’s garbage strewn everywhere, everyone’s late to work, and we spend most of our time huddled around the espresso machine. 🙂

  3. ooh…i like the sound of this. yet another ‘puter toy that J. can watch me sit in front of for hours, scratching his head wondering why…

    (case in point–all the time i spent using MS *Paint* of all things to get my StorTroopers just…right.)

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