Most websites are complete crap. Seriously. I’ve just spent 15 minutes at this horrible, ill-designed, unusable, wank-filled site (there’s some Googlebombing for you) trying to track down a simple piece of information: how long the Coffee Festival was running today. First I had them tell me that my browser wasn’t standards compliant (BZZZ! Try again, Chet!) and thus I’d be denied entrance to the site. Y’all know how much that pisses me off. So I just spoofed my user agent string (Man, I love OmniWeb!) and entered their stupid site anyway. I had to fight my way through flash movies, gargantuan hierarchical menus, and bad information design. Once I found my info, I sent off a complaint that, while it will probably be ignored by all their wanker designers and developers, sure made me feel better. Next time, I’ll just Google.


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  1. Wow. That’s one spectacularly awful site. I didn’t have any problems User-Agent-wise, but it took forever to load and once it did there were so many Flash animations and gaudy colour schemes that I had no idea where I was supposed to be looking.

    I trust that after all that you enjoyed the coffee festival…

  2. I wish, but nope. By the time we remembered that it was on and checked the time, there were only a few hours left. We decided to take a pass. 🙁

  3. Did take a fair amount of time to load in on the work network too and it is a fair bit gaudy. Though you have to ask how much of this is the fault of the client? The do generally make you do bad bad things if you don’t put up a concerted fight and quite often they do wear you down. Thoug hhavinh said that there are a lot of design w@nkers out there.

    Only found the festival by searching for festival with no category, but at least the search did work!

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