As the connection is still up for another day, I couldn’t resist posting. Some random stuff:

  • We signed the lease this morning! Since then I’ve made five trips between the apartment and the house, most with a gigantic heavy backpack full of crap strapped to me. Tomorrow (Saturday) brings the arrival of Ma Snook and her station wagon, which should help us with some of the bigger stuff. Then on Sunday the movers are coming to deal with the furniture. Busy busy weekend…
  • Our new landlords left us a big beautiful orchid in a pot to welcome us to the house! How nice is that? We were also surprised to see that all the lovely terra cotta potted plants in the back courtyard were left for us. (We thought they belonged to the previous tenant.) We’ve got all kinds of herbs: parsley, basil, rosemary, lavender. There’s a big white magnolia tree in bloom in the corner. There are little pots of purple and yellow pansies. It’s gorgeous! Of course, we’ll probably have killed everything within a month, but for now we feel extremely grown-up to have a real garden.
  • The diet is progressing well. The first two days I was having major cravings, but they seem to have subsided a little. Maybe I’m breaking the sugar addiction! I got some of the ketone testing strips Dr. Atkins recommends, and according to that I am definitely in ketosis (i.e. I’m burning stored fat instead of sugar). I haven’t been to the gym since I started, but I figure I’m going to get enough exercise with the move.
  • I’ve already had two irate phone calls (from my Mom and sister), so let’s clear something up, shall we? I didn’t “put” the Snook on a diet. Yes, even I agree that he’s skinny. But he’s been complaining for awhile now that his pants have been getting tight, so he decided to be my partner in this. He’s not doing hardcore Atkins, though, so he’s not gonna keel over or anything. He’s just cutting back on the carbs and eating lots of fruits and veg. Don’t worry; I won’t let him starve.
  • You know how serious I am about this plan? I talked the Snook out of buying champagne to christen our new house. I’m not drinking anything til our housewarming party in two weeks (which should coincide nicely with the end of the “induction” phase of the diet).
  • Just to make it public, here are my health goals:
    • I will be a size 14. (Not that I really care how physically big that is; I just wanna be able to theoretically shop in any shop.)
    • I will run a ten-minute mile.
  • Oh, and in case you didn’t notice, CouchCam has been shut down. The sign reads: “CouchCam is temporarily disabled while we move house. Back soon!”

Ugh. More packing to be done. Stay cool, everyone!


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  1. i know you probably won’t see this for a while, but i read that all that ketosis business is honky. (of course, i read – and sincerely believe, in all my cynicism – that everything is honky.) and anyway, i wasn’t irate and i didn’t call about the snook – i just expressed mild concern at the fact that he’s dieting now, too. he’s a skinny little baby!

  2. Amy – well, I read the whole Dr. Atkins book, and he thinks it’s good. I only have to do it for two weeks to see if it’s working, so I figured I’d give it a try. I’ll let you know how it goes.

    And dude, when did “honky” become your new word? I thought the phrase was “honky tonk”. If you remove the second word, it looks a little racist. 🙂

  3. Our local Orca (away from her pod) wasn’t eating and the biologists determined that she was in ketosis. That was the first time I’d heard the term used in a context other than low-carb dieting.

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