Moving sucks. It took us four days, but everything is finally OUT of our old apartment and INTO the new house. We’ve still got to put everything away, but at least we won’t be making anymore trips back and forth. Saturday Ma Snook arrived and helped us cart over several carloads of stuff. On Sunday morning the movers came and not only did they manage to relocate all the furniture without a scratch, they also miraculously got our big cast-iron bed upstairs and into the bedroom. (It was a seriously tight fit.) Sunday night we headed to IKEA for even more flat-packed Swedish goodness. We got two more bookcases, night tables, and some under-bed drawers. We’re all about the storage. Monday we brought home the last few bits of stuff and then paid some cleaners an outrageous amount to clean up the wreckage. Hopefully we’ll get most (if not all) our deposit back.

Anyway, the phone is finally hooked up here (same number, for those of you who know it) which means that I should be able to resume my normal weblogging schedule shortly. In other news, the Snook and I have been sticking to the diet and – according to the new scales I bought – I’ve lost about five pounds already. Kickass. And for those of you that are worried, the three (remaining) fishies made it here safe and sound. They were a little stressed at first, but they seem to be adapting.


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  1. The moving probably played it’s part in the 5 lbs. There’s no better workout.

  2. Mazel Tov!

    I’ve moved about a million (okay, just a couple dozen) times, and you have my greatest sympathy/respect: it does suck. Sounds like the worst is over, however. I wish you the best in your new home.

    Congrats on the weight loss! I guess that’s why Atkins is still selling after all these years: if you can really cut those carbs out it works. (I’ll never be there, so kudos to you…)

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