I finally added myself to that there BlogTree thing everybody’s talkin’ about. Here’s my pedigree if you’re interested. (Max, can I call you ‘Daddy’?) 🙂


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  1. Only if you’re in by curfew every night, don’t mind when I wear Bermuda shorts and socks with flip-flops around your friends, and this “Snook” fellow tells me what his intentions are. 🙂

    Really, though–I’m flattered that I got picked as your parent, Kris. Totally unworthy, but flattered all the same.

  2. Hey, it’s true! I found Fresh-Hell via MBTV, and then one day Kim mentioned this “Lots of Co.” site that she thought was really good. And I’ve been visiting ever since!

    I’d like to see you grilling The Snook, by the way. And when you find out what his intentions are, let me know. 🙂

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