When my mom’s family moved to America from Korea, my mom and her siblings were automatically U.S. citizens by virtue of their American father. My grandma, on the other hand, had to be naturalized. She had to learn all about the government and our important documents and even take a test to prove her knowledge. Think you could do the same? Check out this U.S. Citizenship Test with actual questions from the INS version. I got 11/11, but a couple of them I had to think about. (Link courtesy of Mia.)


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  1. Hey, 2/11! Not bad…! No seriously, I got 11/11, but I had to think on the ol’ axis question (that was my closest guessing one). Come on, immigrants! Use the ol’ noodle and you’ll be fine.

  2. You mean the World War II one? That one made me pause too. I mean, Italy seemed to be the red flag, but didn’t Italy switch sides once they’d been defeated?

    I nearly got the Constitution one wrong too. It’s just so natural to click on “1776” without thinking.

  3. Italy was my red-flag as well. I stopped and wondered about Russia, but then I remembered. Oh, citizenship. I wonder if Lee Greenwood could pass this test.

  4. I think Alaska funded this little quiz. Besides being the answer for the most random question (49th state?), in the answer it told me to visit Alaska because it’s beautiful. I wouldn’t mind going. Anyway, my 4th grade teacher would be proud, I got 11/11 too. Bam!

  5. Dude, I got 7 out of 11 right. I think that’s bad. Way bad. I think my worst question was that one. I get all the wars confused. I was thinking, “China? Wasn’t China the enemy then, or was it earlier?” So I just picked the non-China one.

    OMG–i love Lee Greenwood’s “Proud to be an American.” Now that song’s gonna be in my head forever now.

  6. phew — 10/11…i guess that means they’ll let me back into the US, should I ever decide to return! (however– i must admit, if they weren’t multiple choice, i think i would’ve been in trouble)

  7. I got 7/11 but not being from USA or having never been there I think I did well.

  8. Irony. I got 10/11, missing the 49th state question. I was just in Alaska! And I was born in Hawaii.. Less than 2 weeks ago I was in Anchorage, reading the Eisenhower Monument about the acceptance of Alaska into the United States! It is beautiful, by the way, and well worth a visit.

    I kept looking for the “trick questions” and then had to remember the context.

  9. crap! 7 correct, and I’m an American citizen! Don’t tell on me…

  10. 8/11 for me… I missed the flag question, number of Amendments question, and of course I chose 1776 as the year the Constitution was written. I paid little attention in U.S. Goverment class during my senior year of high school. It was just so boring.

  11. hahahaha 8 correct and I’m from the mother country. 🙂 OK so Wales is an adjunct to it but still…

    I got the number of stripes wrong (I though the stars represented the colonies/states). The number of amendments and the date your constitution was written.

    I think I watch the West Wing too much…and damn there’s a new series of it on E4 starting thursday and I don’t have that anymore because ITVdigital went bust…bugger.

  12. i only got seven but in record time!

  13. oops—that would be me closing a sarcasm tag in that big blank space…

  14. I managed 10/11 – I got the number of constitutional amendments wrong.

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