Max found a great article about the rise and fall of the Backstreet Boys. Confession: I own their “Millennium” album. Come on, “I Want It That Way” is seriously one of the best pop songs ever. It’s not high art or anything, but I think there’s merit in the fact that it embodies the genre so perfectly. It’s catchy, it’s disposable, it’s fun to sing. And Tara D does a wicked Nick Carter imitation on his solo.

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  1. Oh my god, girl, you know I’m gonna eat that sh*t UP! I love millenium. Boy, it’s overproduced sound-wise, full of teen boys belting high notes, and so destined to be in landfills across the US. I have a soft spot in my heart for those bands (NKOTB / N’Sync included, 98 degrees/LFO/BoyZone/5ive/Westlife/O-Town EXCLUDED – y’see, they’ve got to have that certain je nais se qua). Oh, and thanks for the compliment on Nick Carter – it was my dream for a short while to be the first girl in a boy band.

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