Snookums's Zen GardenSnookums and the Art of Zen
I don’t think I mentioned it on the site, but I gave the Snook a “zen garden” for his birthday last month. It’s this little wooden box filled with sand and smooth polished rocks, and it comes with a tiny rake so you can smooth it out. He likes it a lot. It’s set up in our dining room and every week or so he redesigns it. It helps him de-stress. Since I figure some of you could use de-stressing too, I’ve decided to share his designs with you. Next time you’re upset or frustrated, just stare at the zen garden for a while. It’s the next best thing to being a Buddhist!


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  1. awwww…did he make little indentations with his fingers? snookums is like a little koala bear, i think.

  2. Yep. I knew you’d like it.

  3. Interesting how there’s a buffer space between every rock… looks like the Snook is making a philosophical statement along the lines of Thomas Fuller: “Better be alone than in bad company.” 😉

  4. Did you realize that you were going to get an analysis of Snook’s personality with this post, Kris?

    Very insightful observation, Jeff. A handwriting expert just made the same commment about me after seeing the spaces I leave between words.

    Personally, I was noticing how symetrical (sp?) the design is, balanced top and bottom, left and right, with a sinusoidal pattern. Definitely the work of an engineering mind.

  5. My husband not being buddhist said the garden appeared to lack cat shit. I enjoyed and hope that it becomes a regular feature of the blog.

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