Sometimes my recent search requests piss me off… like when I realize that I’m the #1 result for skanky Koreans. Seriously. Go on, laugh.


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  1. that’s so funny…why would someone look up skanky koreans anyway? i mean, if they’re looking for asian porn, why not just type in asian porn? unless it was some little korean perv, who could tell the difference between chinese and korean sluts, i dunno….

    ANYWAY – i was listening to NPR the other day on the way home from work, and they were listing the credits for the last hour of music they did – and one lady’s name was KAREN SKANKY! but they tried to pronounce it all like, “skahn-kee” so it didn’t sound like skanky, but i know it was.

  2. c’mon howie, i know you’re the skankiest korean out there. no use denying it. skank-a-rific!

    (p.s. i debated putting “me love you long time”, but i feel that rode a certain line of taste. so this way, i just got to write it, while saying how unclassy it is. checkMATE, my friend!)

  3. TD – Remember what I said about visiting your site in the morning and spitting corn flakes all over my computer? Extend that rule to say you can’t comment on my site while I’m eating either. 🙂

  4. Dammit, the first thing I thought when i saw this post was” Me love you long time, soldya boy.” Wait, maybe it was “Too buku.” One of those two. Ok, I’ll think of something else and post again.

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