Note to my sister: put on lots of bug spray. Seriously. That’s some scariness right there. (Link courtesy of fellow Hoosier Moire.)


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  1. It’s no foot-and-mouth disease, but people are taking it pretty seriously over here. When he visited last week, my dad left me a can of his industrial bug repellent (he works for a utility and is outside a lot, so they issue the strong stuff to workers) and wrote on the top with a permanent marker: “For West Nile Skeeters!”

  2. Aww, I miss saying “skeeters”. Here they’re “mozzies”.

  3. mozzies? hmm.

    yeah, some allen county high schools have quit allowing sporting events (tennis, friday night football) to last past dusk until the skeeter season is over. i think it’s a little extraneous. people should just be responsible enough to use bugspray…and besides, the county’s driven down streets in big trucks and sprayed just about every goddamn inch of the city already anyway – i don’t think i’ve been bitten once by a mosquito this year! (and i went canoeing in MONGO, for chrissake.)

    oh, i’m also doing that sunday obits thing again at the NS, so i was well aware of the death of ms. morgan. we were absolutely positive hartman had WNV when he got back from his vaca in FLA. he had all the symptoms, i swear to god. he seems okay now, though…

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