Wow! An earthquake hit England! I can’t believe I missed it! I’ve never been in one before, and apparently Australia is so geologically old and inert that I’m not likely to experience one here. Did any of you feel it?


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  1. i was in newcastle(australia) when the earthquake hit. can’t remember what year, i think it was 1989. it was pretty scary. so earthquakes do happen in Oz, though rarely. 5.6 i think it was on the richter scale, which is not real big. scary none the less.

  2. Oh wow. See, I thought the Snook was pulling my leg. He probably figures I’m scared enough of the spiders that any fear of geological tremors would probably put me off Australia forever. 🙂

    Is this Kristen’s Mark, by the way?

  3. Nah I didn’t feel it but a friend last night said that they did Sunday night (Longon, England btw). 4.6 is nothing really. They say it was a tremor from a Mid Atlantic Ridge movement moving some old faults around a craton (harder rock surrounded by softer rock) up in the midlands somewhere.

    Australia is also pretty safe as its just about in the middle of the ‘ring of fire’ (I kid you not) around the pacific. You’ll on;y really get tremors of the same sort (I think, we did’nt really do too much on Australia t Uni.).

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