I’m thinking of making a peasant blouse. Yes, I know they’re a fad, but I still kinda like the way this one looks. It seems simple enough. I’m just wondering at the lack of shoulder material though. Specifically, can one wear a bra with a shirt like this? (And not have it show? I’m not one of those girls.)


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  1. ooh, that’s pretty sweet! and lord knows i have plenty of men’s shirts laying around from my non-tailored button-down phase. i wonder what it would looks like with those semi-iridescent stripes… 🙂

  2. it does look good – not too frilly.

    as for the bra – wear a strapless one? or are you not a fan?

  3. i bet you could pin the straps to the underside of the shoulders, or maybe even sew in a strap-snap, something you could snap closed to keep the strap in place?

  4. It’s not so much whether I’m a fan of the strapless bra. It’s more the issue of having too much boobage. I haven’t worn one in years and I don’t think it would be very comfortable.

    I’ve seen a couple girls hearing wearing bras with, like, transparent straps. They almost look like clear plastic or something. I wonder if I could find one of those.

    And I love the term “strap-snap”. 🙂

  5. (1) you just get to a point where a strapless bra is worthless. (b) i can only imagine how friggin uncomfortable a plastic strap would be digging into my shoulders. are visible straps so bad? (iii) if your strap-snaps wind up being the next new thing in boob-friendly fashion, you’ve got full rights to the SS name. 😉

  6. yeah, see, i do not suffer from the too much boobage problem :o(

    plastic straps are pretty comfortable, but again, it could be that i don’t have so much to hold up. the clear, flat straps are the best. the thin round straps are less comfortable.

    and that’s quite enough about bras from me.

  7. Actually I might give strapless another try. Since I’ve been losing weight, quite a bit of it is coming off my, uh, front. Well, not a lot, but let’s just say I’m not spilling out of my old sports bras anymore. And I’m going to look for some of the clear flat straps. I’m just intrigued by how invisible they look.

    See, I love the bra discussions, mostly because I don’t have any girlfriends around here to discuss this stuff with. 🙂

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