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coriolus effect northern southern hemisphere drains
Ah, the classic science experiment. My friend Pat and I tried it back in February. It really does go the opposite way here.

james marsters workout
I imagine it involves kicking, punching, and faking a British accent all while wearing a leather trench coat. It’s tough, but it’ll give you great cheek bones.

movie office space bill lumbergh license plate
Umm, yeahhh, I’m gonna need you to come in on the weekend, okay?

Nigella Lawson pictures nude
I haven’t seen any of these, but if they exist I bet she’s lasciviously eating phallic-shaped food in them. She’s always doing that.

“andy roddick” nude
Again, no nude pictures here, but he does look incredibly like my brother. And no, I won’t give you nude pictures of Antny.

“goldfish euthanasia”
Waaaaah! Rest in peace, Admiral Ackbar.

photos of jesse bradford and his boyfriends
Is Jesse Bradford gay? Does it matter? Hummina hummina. Yes please.

vintage buddy icons
How vintage can they be? IM’s been around for, what, less than 10 years? Ding dong.

rice krispie chocolate balls
I’ve never tried ’em, but I bet they’re salty.


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  1. Goldfish euthanasia? I weep for humanity 🙂

  2. james marsters workout? i assumed that would have something to do with “doing pushups” over a naked and invisible member of the opposite (or same, for that matter) sex.

    what season are you up to down under, anyhow?

  3. We’ve just finished watching Season 4 on DVD. I think on cable they’re caught up with the US, and on regular TV they’re not far behind. We try to avoid it on telly though, so we don’t get our continuity messed up.

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