Oh no. Don’t mention their names. They’re here.


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  1. they’ve come for your first born sons! paint some lamb’s blood on the door and hide under the bed!

  2. Does that work? If I smear it on the computer, will it keep their porn-crazy fans away from my site? 🙂

  3. I think an exorcism is what’s called for. Urgh, this news has ruined my day.

  4. Hey, get on the road to Sydney. While you’re in transit I’ll hunt up an old and young priest. What else do we need? I’ll have everything ready by the time you get here…

  5. you know though, there will be a day when they rebel against their wholesome images, and then they’re on their way to making linda blair-esque prison movies. shudder.

  6. Hmph! I think they’re cute.

  7. Don’t listen to Moire. She reads Blue’s Clues slash fiction, for God’s sake!

    Orangecat – they’ll have a huge audience if they do. Seriously, I think there might be more old guys wanting to see them naked than young wholesome fans these days.

  8. I hate them, but not for their oh-so-cuteness. I hate them for the mere fact that by age 4, they were bringing in more dough than I have made in the past 8 years.


    Please pass the Zoloft.

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