Sometimes you just get tired of being taken for granted, you know?
Update: Feeling much better, thanks. No more Martyr Kris. Back to the fun! 🙂


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  1. Just feeling a little unappreciated. (Not from you guys, though, don’t worry.)

  2. Sheesh. Make a girl worry, why dontcha?

  3. Hey, maybe this will make you happy (Preventing Image Bandwidth Theft):

  4. Thanks. I already know how to do that though. 🙂

  5. So whay don’t you, and quit complaining about bandwidth theft! 😉

  6. I’ve already done that. In fact, this is what the asshole sees instead of the image he wanted. Nice, huh?

    I wasn’t whining about the bandwidth theft. That’s old news.

  7. no, i knew that it was an old issue. i didn’t think you had resolved it, though. anyway, i saw the article and thought of you.

  8. Ah, I see. Thanks. I’ve known about the htaccess trick for a long time and I’ve used it before at the site. The problem recently was that some dipshit put one of my PHP pages as the source for his messageboard image. There really isn’t any good way to use htaccess (or anything else) to prevent that. I can block certain IP addresses from accessing my site, but I can’t stop what this jerk is doing without blocking everyone at from ever linking to my site legitimately. Which is what I had to do. Which pisses me off.

  9. On a side-note, these comments have taught me to never again blog when I’m having a fight with the Snook. My vague self-pity gets all misinterpreted. 🙂

  10. being that i could totally relate to your statement, i understood exactly what you were driving at. boys just need a little kick in the pants every once in a while. hope things have gotten better. 🙂

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