Friday Five:

1. What is your favorite scary movie?
I don’t really like scary movies. I have an overactive imagination and they freak me out. I did force myself to see The Sixth Sense, though, and I liked that a lot.

2. What is your favorite Halloween treat?
Contrary to what my Mom remembers, it is NOT those marshmallow scary cat things (i.e. Peeps). I was always a fan of the mini-candy bar, preferably Snickers, Butterfinger, or Baby Ruth. Sure, they’re more expensive than Bit-O-Honey (*shudder*) or Double Bubble (*horrors*), but a neighbor who hands out the good stuff is a neighbor who’s not gonna get egged. Remember that, grown-ups.

3. Do you dress up for Halloween? If so, describe your best Halloween costume.
Not anymore. My best costume, the one that actually won an award, was “Large”. That’s right, the concept of largeness. Two of my friends and I were trying to come up with cheap costumes for the Senior Bar contest during our last year of college. We noticed that I was about a foot taller than the second girl, who was a foot taller than the third girl. Voila! We each grabbed a white T-shirt and wrote our designated letter (“S”, “M”, and “L”) on the front. Then we just walked around in a group all night. We didn’t win at the campus bar, but we did win third prize at the local gay bar’s drag show! Ah, good times.

4. Do you enjoy going to haunted houses or other spooky events?
No. As I said above, I’m a big ol’ scaredy cat. I much prefer sitting at home and watching all the Halloween-themed sitcom episodes.

5. Will you dress up for Halloween this year?
Extremely doubtful. The local bar where we play trivia is having a costume contest, but apparently it’s just for scary costumes. And other than that, I haven’t seen a single Halloween event advertised here. So no trick-or-treat for Kristy this year! 🙁


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  1. Bit-O-Honey? I love Bit-O-Honey! 🙂

    But I definitely agree with you on the Double Bubble. Nasty, nasty stuff. If you didn’t break your teeth on it straight away, the flavor was gone within at least ten seconds. I always thought I was given far too many Smarties in my Trick-Or-Treat bag. We used to grind them up in fifth grade and pretend the resulting powder was an illicit substance. 😉

  2. Ugh. Bit-O-Honey. To me the only thing worse were those generic orange and black wrapped peanut-butter flavored toffee things. (My Dad is the only person in the world who likes those.)

    Oh, and lest you English types get really confused, American Smarties are these little flavored wafers you get in a roll. They’re basically compressed sugar, which is why all the Indiana kids took to grinding them up and pretending they were cocaine. (Too much Miami Vice.) I just clarify because in the UK, Smarties are what they call M&M’s. And I wouldn’t want you to think you Moire was snorting *those*. 🙂

  3. Bit-O-Honey’s are foul, but those ‘peeps’ are even worse–it’s like biting into packing material, and your mouth is all fuzzy and sickly-sweet afterwards. One guy in my neighborhood used to have full-size Milky Way bars! (he ran out pretty quickly once word got out of course.)

  4. Two bits of Peep-related randomness:

    1. The Snook told me you can use Peeps to detect if your microwave has cold spots. You just cover the entire inside base with a single layer of Peeps (or regular marshmallows, but I think it’d be funnier with the animal shapes). Then turn it on for a few minutes. All the Peeps in the hot places will swell up, showing you clearly if your machine is broken and has cold spots.

    2. Sophomore year one of my roommates got some of the orange “Scary Cat” Peeps. She licked it and stuck it to our bedroom door. It stayed there til we moved out the following May. We had to chisel it off. The damn thing had become chemically bonded to the wood. Just a tip kids: don’t ever leave a sticky Peep anywhere you don’t want it to remain forever.

  5. Man! I’m feeling rather like the freak around here! Not only do I love Bit-O-Honey and Peeps, but I’m also a big fan of those generic peanut butter toffees wrapped in orange and black wax paper! You can inform your father that I’m his Halloween Candy Soulmate. 😉

    Thanks for clarifying about the Smarties/M&M thing. That definitely would’ve made me odd, as I don’t believe that snorting crushed M&Ms can be that great of an idea. 🙂

    So you did the grind-up-the-smarties-and-pretend-their-cocaine bit too, eh? Did you also experience the phenomenon of kids bringing to school with them baggies filled with a mixture of Kool-Aid and pure sugar? It got so bad at our school that our principal actually banned the concoction. Don’t ask me how that started. I think it was supposed to be the cheap farm ghetto version of Dip-Stix, minus the sugar stick. Half the kids in my class had Kool-Aid stained lips, tongues, and fingertips.

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