Happy’s Place: The E! True Hollywood Story. Ha! Not really. Actually it turns out that the show was just as innocent and corny as we all thought. I did get a kick out of Happy’s anecdotes about the girl who peed on television and kids turning into “puke geysers”. And hey! It turns out Steve Shine wasn’t the voice of Froggy after all. Who knew? Man, this puts me in the mood for some Thundercats and Inspector Gadget reruns. (Link courtesy of Moire, who’s also bitter about never having been on the show.)


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  1. okay, first off, i HATE emma (“prima donna”) dawson, the author of that column. she does the least amount of work possible at ns and spends all her time decorating her desk with n’sync bobble-head dolls. but that’s besides the point.

    she should’ve interviewed phil colglazier – he was the one who prompted the tag “happy the hoMo” and is now the director of the civic theatre in fw. i heard he gets reaally pissed if you ask him about it or call him happy! i’d do it, but he gave me free tickets to rocky horror. (plus, “i threw my back out humpin’ your mom last night. NOOGINS.”)

    ANYWAY – chad worked with “master control”! i met him once and he doesn’t even really sound like froggy. i never knew his name was craig, because chad would only call him MASTER CONTROL. he saw the froggy puppet up in the attic at fox once, but it was heavily guarded. or else froggy’d be sittin’ on my mantle right now. nooch.

  2. Ooh! News-Sentinel dirt! I never got to hear much of that, seeing as how I was stuck down in Advertising, plugging away at those enormously hideous Carpet Mitchell ads.

    Buh. I want to see the Froggy puppet! How dare they keep him in the attic?!

    Isn’t it funny, all the rumors that abounded with a simple local kids’ show? There were tons… I remember that Happy wasn’t called “Happy the Homo” until the original guy left, and “Brother Happy” took over. He was miserable. I liked Cousin Happy a lot better, dude. He was funny, and his makeup & costume was way better than Brother Happy’s. One of the Other Happy rumors I remember is that one of them was also a DJ for one of the Top 40 stations — B106, I believe. Someone told me it was Phlash Phelps, but I know Phlash (he’s here in DC now, working for XM Satellite Radio), and he definitely wasn’t one of the Happy’s. Heh!

    I really do believe the show jumped the shark when they brought Lawnboy and Chester the Fox onto the cast. It was all downhill from there, although some of the on-location skits they did were mildly amusing.

    I want the Froggy’s Pad opening themesong in MP3 form! I wish I knew what it was called. I know it comes on a production CD, because I’ve heard other cheap-o loser stations across the U.S. use the same tune to advertise local events and whatnot.

    Buh. I konw entirely too much about the show. I think, perhaps, that I have Happy’s Place Issues! 😉

  3. o_O

    I was just re-reading what I wrote… I’ve lost my freaking mind.

  4. You guys are total Fort Wayne media bitches. 🙂 I love it.

    (Amy, do you want me to delete that comment? One of your co-workers could totally see it!)

  5. How happy did this entire post make me? Ahhhh, to be 7 and eating peanut butter after school in Berb & Gerald’s living room again. And, come on, the other Happys SUCKED.

    I’m going to watch cartoons.

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