Apple will be selling iPods in Best Buy and Target for Christmas. Damn. On one hand I think it’s the best mp3 player available and I want everybody in the world to acknowledge that. On the other, if everybody’s got one mine won’t be so special anymore! It’s the eternal Mac-enthusiasts paradox.


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  1. Its still relatively expensive though?

    ..and they are very cool, though frustrating as I’m not sure I’ll be able to full up my 10Gig.

    PS Jon Stevens left ND yesterday.

  2. I’ll trade you my 5 gigger, if it gets too frustrating for you. 🙂

  3. It’s still relatively expensive, but I paid $399 in the Apple store last December for my 5GB version, and now they’re selling them for $299. Grr!!

  4. Yeah, me too Moire. Plus the new owners get better headphones and a sweet carrying case. (Hey! Didn’t I offer you my headphones at one point? You still want ’em?)

  5. My boss bought me a pair of new ones, with the remote control, “because you deserve it after all you’ve done for the company!” That has to be the first time anything of that sort has happened. Maybe she was smoking crack thar morning, or something. 🙂

    I like the remote control a great deal, although I haven’t used it much lately. I got an iRocks FM transmitter the same day I got the new earphones, so the iPod has been stuck in the car for weeks. It’s nice. I create a playlist that a few hours long, and viola! I have my own personal radio station!

  6. I’ve just started using the Sony Fontopia headphones, they rock! They go right in the ear, which cqan be a little weird at first as its a bit like that muffled feeling when your a plane descend, but when the music starts they’re great as you’re sealed in with the music…and I don’t have to blast my ears when on the tube.

    The remote looks cool but would be better if it had a proper clip thing and maybe a display so you could see the song title. Though I am being fussy there.

  7. I almost got those headphones for the gym – since my ears are tiny and regular ear buds don’t stay in – but they were ridiculously expensive here! I went for some of the ones that hook over the back, which work pretty well. I never buy nice headphones, since I can’t tell the difference (sound-wise) anyway and they always get chewed up from being tossed in my backpack.

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