It’s two minutes to kickoff… and it’s three in the morning. *yawn* Go Irish.


  • 8:30 into the game – Internet connection completely dies
  • 8:32 – I frantically check every connection
  • 8:33 – I run upstairs and restart the modem several times
  • 8:34 – still dead
  • 8:35 – I reluctantly wake the Snook, who has no ideas
  • 8:40 – I try to find the number for our ISP to call and complain
  • 8:41 – I am unsuccessful
  • 12:00 – I call my friends in the US for a score update
  • End of first quarter – I give up and decide to go to bed
  • One second later – Internet comes back!

This game is a shocker already and it’s only one-fourth of the way through. At least I’m awake now.

Game over! Oh my god. ND 34, FSU 24. (It should’ve been 34-10, but whatever.) The sun has risen on a world with Notre Dame championship aspirations. I’m going to go try to pry my contacts off my eyeballs and hit the sack. What a night.


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  1. it’s still an exciting game, thought i think i’ve screamed myself hoarse. lol

  2. Mentally, I have. Physically, I don’t wanna wake up the Snook. But there has been some VERY vigorous typing going on!

  3. I was there! In a hostile, drunken FSU student crowd! 50 people wanted to kick my obnoxious-fight-song screaming-push-up-doing-ass!!! If I wasn’t a smallish girl, they probably would have!! It was AWESOME!!

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