I just discovered that my friend Nora from college (she was a fellow Honors Program geek) has a LiveJournal! It’s weird how many of my real life acquaintances are now bloggers. I’m wondering if there’d be any interest in an ND alumni webring. What do you Domers think? I’m almost done with this work project (finally), so it might be fun to tackle afterwards.

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  1. i registered one for ND blogs, but haven’t had the time to start it or design the page where it will be hosted. no time.

    i say, go for it

  2. Oh! Are you sure? I don’t wanna steal your thunder. It just sounded like an interesting programming challenge for a nerd like me. 🙂

  3. Heh. Sounds good to me, but I have yet to convince any of my other real life ND friends to blog. They’re annoying that way. Maybe I could work on Helga. . .

    I found a Notre Dame LiveJournal Community a while back that looked vaguely promising. Supposed to be for current students and alumni. But it seems to be three or so current students who don’t do much but whine about NDH and the cartoons in the Observer. Blah.

  4. well, i’ll try working on it this week, but if i don’t get it up, i’ll pass it on to you Kris.

    that’s one thing i don’t miss about ND, and that’s all the whining about the Observer. where y’all there when the whole ‘St.Mary’s shouldn’t be a part of ND editorial because the St. Mary gals were complaining about the football games.’ i think that was my sophomore year.

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