Is there anything Sarah Michelle Geller can’t do? 🙂 (Link courtesy of Ernie.)


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  1. WHAT THE?! How cool! She’s just gone up a notch in my books.

  2. (Pssst. It’s fake. 🙂

  3. Oh! *rofl* Duh, didn’t even bother to look at the URL or anything. Lucky I have no sense of shame or integrity, otherwise I’d be embarrassed right now! Heh 🙂

  4. Man. She’s, like, totally talented, and stuff. AND she has Freddy Prinze Jr., to boot. Like, what a bitch.

  5. Is it sad and pathetic that I knew it was fake because Gellar was spelled wrong? I didn’t even look at the URL. . .

  6. Heh.

    That’s great.

  7. I’m sensing that we’re going to need some sort of face-off between Nora and Nicci to determine the Ultimate Buffy Trivia Warrior. 🙂

    (My money’s on Nicci for the time being, if only for the fact that every post at her site is labelled with a different Buffy quote. Now that‘s devotion.)

  8. I will beat anyone down, because I *know* I have zero life and common sense…which means all the more room for pointless Buffy knowledge 😉


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