What’s with all the sex links lately? No idea. Anyway, one of the Snook’s female(!) co-workers passed along this link, where you can see the Playboy centrefold from the month you were born. NOTE: This is definitely not work-safe! That said, mine (March ’77) is pretty. The Snook’s (July ’76) is really weird looking. And what’s with the random socks? Now I’m wondering if these are the French edition models (based on the URL). Anyone want to admit to knowing if that’s the case? 🙂


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  1. Dude, kickass! My Playmate of the Month was WAY hot! I’d do ‘er, even if she was French. 😉

  2. Mine was very seasonal and attractive: Nov ’72. No socks, but very trendy boots; they’ve come back in style twice now!

    I’m feeling quite old now, however. The said playmate is probably in her 50’s!

  3. Sadly, I am not a fan of those boots. I’ve never really liked pointy-toed shoes. I don’t have wide feet or anything; I just think they look uncomfortable or elf-like or something.

    But yeah, she’s pretty. 🙂

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