Everybody’s making marble magnets, so I thought I would too. I headed into the city today with a simple list: silicon glue, magnets, and glass marbles. Items #1 and #2 were fairly easy to come by, but #3 was the killer. THERE ARE NO CLEAR FLAT GLASS MARBLES IN ALL OF SYDNEY. I went to every arts, craft, and homewares store in the CBD. I’m not exaggerating; I went to at least 12 stores and it took me almost three hours. Lincraft (our version of Micheal’s) had them, but only as part of these silly Christmas gift packs with a big-ass vase and a candle. Grace Brothers had spherical pink ones. Nobody had the clear flat ones. Everyone I asked was convinced that somebody else was selling them. Nobody sells them! I get so lulled into thinking that I can get everything I could get in America here – I mean, we’ve got Taco Bell and Borders! But then every now and then I enter the Twilight Zone and discover some item that is just unknown in Australia. (Remind me to tell you about my spaghetti squash misadventures sometime.) So now I’m tapped. I’ve got magnets and glue, but no damn marbles. Where else can I look? There’s no worse feeling than heading out all ready to buy something and then being DENIED.


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  1. They look pretty cool. Can you let me know if/when you find the ‘lil buggers? I’ve never seen flat glass marbles in Oz and I wanna make some now too!

  2. Damn. I was hoping maybe you’d know where to find them. 🙁

  3. i couldn’t get over the fact how friggin tiny the buggers in question are, so be sure you’re tearing out pics smaller than an inch in diameter.

    so what’s your address? i got extras and can [of course] get a slew more. 😉

  4. yeah, kris…i could send some too. i think mom may be preparing a pack for you soon anyway, but it wouldn’t get there, ’til like, before christmas. did you look in the floral sections of the craft stores? did you try flower shops? i think they’re most commonly used in the bottom of vases, so that’s probably why you saw them with that kit.

  5. What a neat little project! I have a ton of these marbles left over from when I had the beta fish and plant in a vase together, and more magazines than I can count. Woo! I could do neato motocross magnets! And Travis Pastrana magnets!!

    I know what I’m gonna be up to this weekend… 😉

  6. Saw some of the glass marbles the other day but can’t remember where. I wondered what they were for. I’ll buy them next time and forward them on. Could have been Crazy Clints!

  7. Thanks everybody. I tried all the big shops – yes, even flower shops – with no luck. Today I’m going to try some of the smaller housewares places in our neighborhood. If all else fails, I might take you guys up on your offers to send your extras. 🙂

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